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Kate Jackson Park  |  Old Hyde Park Village

The splash pad with statuary lions, the public art installation Reliquary, seating and landscaping were all part of the renovation of Kate Jackson Community Center and the Anderson Park area, located in the neighborhood of Old Hyde Park. 

Tampa's Hyde Park by Delphin Acosta, p. 124:

"Reliquary, a public art installation at Anderson Park, acknowledges the Gables, Kate Jackson’s home that was originally located on the site. The lush landscaping surrounding the sculpture is a nod to Jackson’s love of Florida’s flora. Reinforcing Jackson’s commitment to young people, the sculpture is both serious and playful and allows room for personal interpretation. The project was a collaboration between Lorraine Genovar, Richard Penza Jr., and Wayne Fernandez and was gifted by Norma Gene Lykes.  [F. E. Lykes Foundation

Two images above and the following description of the Kate Jackson / Anderson Park project was found on Tampa Daily Photo, written by Frank (last name not given): 

"This large sculpture stands in a brick patio area connected by walkways on the south side of Kate Jackson Community Center in Anderson Playground. It is called Reliquary. It was part of the City of Tampa Public Art Program when installed in 2001. The hundreds if not thousands of keys are now woven together with moss from the overhanging oak trees that surround this cool, private slice of Florida paradise. Palms and philodendrons crowd in close to the quiet space. A key was attached to every one of the tiny, closed hooks when the piece was first installed. Curious kids - big and small - have removed many of the lowest hanging ones but now most are out of reach. Click on the closeup view at left to see the incredible variety of metals, shapes and colors of the keys that make up this attractive and most unusual sculpture."
http://tampadailyphoto.blogspot.com/2009/07/  posted by Frank of Tampa Daily Photo